The Void

•February 2, 2010 • 3 Comments


What fell from my ear _
A light moving its shadow
that sways and dance
along a soft green bed
of soft strong leaves
scattering like children
a  thousand feet
shaking the ground
while my head on the earth
the gift of a welcoming death –
The unreflected eye that
doesn’t see a thing
in the glow of the evening sun
careless of the void
that’s left –
that sick tingling feeeling
of everything

Aikido Acrobatics

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Throwing yourself away doesn’t promote honest waza and isn’t true ukemi, and so, isn’t honest aikido. Great article!

Aikido Acrobatics.

In Limbo

•August 12, 2013 • Leave a Comment

The sky unfolds its light
down an empty hallway
Its movements fixed
its’ blank space cracked
Limbo appears – a dream
of the dead longing for
their timeless loop
a chord sustaining.
All this while I aged –
entering the world from
the wells bottom

Tao and Silence

•August 12, 2013 • 1 Comment

Silence is the breath
we listen, as hoping
it shows us the way

Lost & Found

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A memory in isolation
a wall of stillborn thoughts
seeking expression
and finding none


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Heart bursting
as tears
on aching feet
finds solace
Peace a fine straight line


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Crash Crash
Boom, Burn
Leaves me Mangled
Leaves me Torn.

A Perfect Stillness

•July 12, 2013 • Leave a Comment

The perfect stillness,
the rush

that approaches

the perfect kiss
the perfect death

the wish that
anticipates the hope
the final rescue

the perfect stillness